Recent Work Preview

Below is a collection of work I have produced in my recent freelance venture. Some of the work is still unpublished or not approved for public sharing yet so please do not share this link publicly.


Brand identity created with Handsome. Senior designer and production design lead


Brand identity for a Contemporary craft goods shop with a focus on items made by indigenous Mexican communities.

Pulse Topology

visual identity for an interactive exhibit at the Kemper Museum Of Contemporary Art. The title lock-up is intended to be dynamic and has subtle “pulse” animations.


The Workout KC

Identity design for a workout bootcamp. Illustrations by Salvador Carrasco

Ameri’Kana Identity

A motion-first Visual identity for a content series produced by Latin Grammy Nominated rock band Making Movies

AMERI’KANA examines how artists of different backgrounds, ethnicities, languages and cultures – and their own unique sounds – have shaped American music, and what it means to be an American musician past and present.

Sprout Social

Blog Illustrations

Thumbnail illustrations for the Sprout Social Blog

Last of the Forge Masters Teaser animation

Video animation production. Roles include: Animation, VFX, Color grading, ect. Illustrations by Salvador Carrasco

Edwing Mendez // Copyright 2023

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